What does the cure method of epilepsy have

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There was a girl in our class who suffered from epilepsy. One day in class, she suddenly got sick. Her limbs were stiff, her whole body was twitching, her face turned blue, and her eyes rolled. She looked terrible, so she had to be sent to the hospital for treatment. Now let's take a look at the treatment of epilepsy.

What does the cure method of epilepsy have

First, the treatment of epilepsy can be divided into five aspects: seizure control, etiological treatment, surgical treatment, general health and prevention. One of the most important is the control of seizures, drug therapy is currently the main. Clinically, antiepileptic drugs can be selected according to the types of seizures. Once the drugs and doses that can completely control seizures are found, they should be used continuously. Generally, the drug should be stopped after the attack is completely controlled, and if there is no adverse reaction, the drug should be continued for 3 to 5 years.

Second: at present, it is advocated to use one drug, and the second drug can be added only after the failure of single drug treatment is confirmed. If absence seizures or myoclonic seizures can not be controlled by single drug, it can be combined with Ethylsuccinate and sodium valproate, or one of them plus benzodiazepines can be effective. For mixed epilepsy, the combination of drugs can be used according to the type of seizure, but no more than three drugs are appropriate. The dosage should be small, and then gradually increased. The minimum effective dose which can control the attack and not produce toxic reaction is appropriate. The principle of adding new drugs and decreasing old drugs should be adopted in dressing change. You can't stop the drug all of a sudden.

Thirdly, some epileptic patients with organic encephalopathy may need lifelong medication; some people advocate that those who are older than 30 years old should stop medication carefully, because of the high recurrence rate after withdrawal, they need long-term medication or lifelong medication. However, 10% - 15% of the patients are difficult to control the attack and can be treated by surgery.

matters needing attention

Epilepsy is a serious brain disease, treatment is very troublesome and difficult, generally only through drugs to control the attack, but can not use drugs casually, so epilepsy patients must go to a professional hospital for treatment, usually take medicine also to follow the doctor's advice.