What reason is eyelash old drop

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Eyes are the windows of the soul, eyelashes play an important role in the face charm, thick long eyelashes must be the majority of women's dream, then as the eyes around the "green leaves", can not be ignored. Say eyelashes, long and black eyelashes will give beauty extra points. But why do my eyelashes often fall off? Although I lose one or two, it's not good to lose too much. So I went to see a doctor. After diagnosis and treatment, the situation improved. The doctor also told me some things to share with you

What reason is eyelash old drop

First, if the eyelashes fall off, it may be that there is something wrong with the root of the eyelashes, or it may be that the eyelashes are infected. Long needle eyes and linear granuloma all have this kind of situation. In this case, you should seek medical advice in time and use the medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

Second: for women, the choice of mascara should be careful, avoid poor quality products, and remove the makeup when unloading, avoid residual chemicals to stimulate the eye skin, and then affect the growth of eyelashes.

Third: to pay attention to eye cleaning, do not often rub your eyes with your hands, usually avoid excessive eye use and stay up late, to avoid nervous tension, resulting in eyelashes fall off. If you have time, you can apply more heat and clean your eyelashes regularly.

matters needing attention

Usually pay attention to eat less greasy food in the diet, you can do more massage on the head when you have nothing to do, to ease the blood circulation of the head, adjust your mood, don't think too much, think less and rest more.