Some hydatidiform mole symptoms?

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First of all, let's understand hydatidiform mole. Hydatidiform mole is a kind of benign and moistening cell disease. This disease is mainly caused by the infiltration of our uterine myometrium in our uterus. Hydatidiform mole generally does not have the phenomenon of metastasis. What's wrong with hydatidiform mole is that it mainly has different degrees of hyperplasia, There will even be some interstitial edema, sometimes leading to the disappearance of blood vessels in the stroma, which may lead to malnutrition in our body, or some ovarian dysfunction leading to our immune diseases. Let's share my experience with you.

Some hydatidiform mole symptoms?

For complete hydatidiform mole, it is a common phenomenon. The earliest symptom is vaginal bleeding, and even irregular vaginal bleeding occurs after about 12 weeks of menopause. Some people think they are pregnant. Is it true that irregular vaginal bleeding occurs after 12 weeks, Must promptly go to the hospital for examination, for this kind of completeness, hydatidiform mole uterus will appear abnormal enlargement or softening phenomenon.

For this kind of complete hydatidiform mole, sometimes there will be pregnancy vomiting and pregnancy induced hypertension. For this time, most people think they are pregnant. In fact, they are not. They must go to the hospital for examination in time. Pregnancy is pregnancy. If it is not pregnancy, other symptoms can also be treated in time, And this kind of grape can also cause the phenomenon of luteinized cysts in our ovaries, leading to varying degrees of cystic changes in our bilateral ovaries.

For those partial hydatidiform mole, of course, there will be some abdominal pain, and even some hemoptysis symptoms. In a small number of patients with hydatidiform mole, hemoptysis symptoms will disappear naturally after the hydatidiform mole is discharged. Moreover, for this kind of partial hydatidiform mole, sometimes it will cause hyperthyroidism, About 7% of patients will have this phenomenon, but also cause some tachycardia phenomenon.

matters needing attention

For hydatidiform mole, it is necessary to carry out curettage treatment, prohibit sexual life for a month after operation, avoid some other symptoms and signs, and for patients with hydatidiform mole after operation, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for review, otherwise there are some other complications, we must remember that we can't be pregnant within two years after operation.