What are the symptoms of chronic bronchitis

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In autumn and winter, the probability of chronic bronchitis is relatively high, especially the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large, many people will have cough phenomenon, because this kind of situation will be very strong for throat stimulation, once a long time cough is easier to aggravate the symptoms of chronic bronchitis, then, what symptoms of chronic bronchitis?

What are the symptoms of chronic bronchitis

1. Wheezing or shortness of breath, especially in elderly patients, asthmatic chronic bronchitis has bronchospasm, can cause wheezing, often accompanied by wheezing. There was no shortness of breath in the early stage. When it attacks again, or when it is complicated with obstructive emphysema, it may be accompanied by varying degrees of shortness of breath, first with labor or activities, then with asthma, and when it is serious, it is very difficult to take care of oneself.

2. Cough can be caused by congestion, edema of bronchial mucosa or accumulation of secretions in bronchi. The severity of cough depends on the patient's condition. Generally, cough is more severe in the morning, lighter in the daytime, and cough or expectoration before going to bed at night.

3. Expectoration is due to accumulation of sputum in the lumen after deep sleep at night. After getting up or changing the position, the sputum is very stimulated, especially in the morning or night. The sputum volume is increased. The sputum is usually white colored mucus or serous foam.

matters needing attention

Patients with chronic bronchitis should pay special attention to the sleep quality at night, and their families should always observe the amount of sputum, especially at night when the amount of sputum is increasing. Patients must communicate with doctors in time to avoid danger at night. With the help of professional doctors, patients with chronic bronchitis can find their own food therapy method and insist on taking it.