How does nose have medicinal taste to return a responsibility

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My colleague Master Zhang's nose has been uncomfortable for several years in a row. Sometimes he suddenly starts to feel uncomfortable, sometimes he has a stuffy nose, and sometimes he gets better. At the beginning, he didn't pay attention to it, but he has been suffering from it repeatedly for several years. He has to feel uncomfortable several times a year. Sometimes he will choke and sneeze when he smells some bad smell. Even after sleep, it seems that there is still some hair in the nose. What's the reason? How does nose have medicinal taste to return a responsibility? Let's share our experience

How does nose have medicinal taste to return a responsibility

First: I teach you an effective small method: every morning after getting up, pour a cup of boiling water with a cup, use the nose to absorb the steam of boiling water for half an hour, three times a day, about a month will see the effect of treatment, patients may as well try this method.

Second: the nose is uncomfortable may also be allergic rhinitis, it is related to their own constitution. Allergic rhinitis can be cured by drugs, surgery, nasal washing and other methods. In addition to the traditional method, you can also wash your nose with saline, normal saline, self washing or nasal washer.

Third: in addition, it is suggested that patients should go to a regular large hospital to have a comprehensive examination. If it is rhinitis, it must be treated thoroughly in time, because if it is not treated effectively in time, if it develops into chronic rhinitis, it will be more troublesome and difficult to cure.

matters needing attention

Patients should pay attention to keep the indoor air fresh, keep the nasal hygiene, and prevent the infection of harmful bacteria. Usually the food taste should not be too heavy, not too spicy, greasy, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.