Several miscarriages can lead to infertility

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A sister is crazy and has a lot of boyfriends. Although she is also contraception in the past two years, she still has several unexpected pregnancies. After every pregnancy, she goes to the hospital to do it. In the long run, she really can't see it. Now let me share how many abortions will lead to infertility?

Several miscarriages can lead to infertility

First: painless abortion hospital formal is very important, to choose a qualified medical business license formal painless abortion hospital, this is the most basic. After many young women get pregnant unexpectedly, they secretly go to some small clinics and black clinics without medical permission to do abortion surgery, and eventually leave many sequelae. Therefore, they must go to the regular painless abortion hospital to do painless abortion surgery.

Second: abortion not only has a great impact on the body, but also on the heart. Induced labor is different from abortion in that it leaves a heavy shadow on the psychology of the induced labor, thus forming a long-term negative impact. Therefore, the induced labor should actively deal with the inevitable psychological trauma, and take the right remedial measures to prevent the re invasion of induced labor operation.

Third: painless abortion is a small trauma, accurate positioning, fast recovery of a way of abortion. The number of people will bring some harm to women's body and soul. And we must pay attention to maintenance after operation.

matters needing attention

After abortion, we should avoid eating too much meat and fish, and overeat. We should focus on a normal light diet. We should slightly increase some protein rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs and legumes, and fresh vegetables rich in vitamins. If there is too much bleeding during the operation, or our body is weak, we should also supplement trace elements, such as iron, to enhance the body's resistance to diseases and promote the development of damaged organs After artificial abortion, we should eat more to speed up the recovery of the body.