What symptom does double ear tympanic membrane perforation have

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In fact, we have a lot of treatment methods after the emergence of binaural tympanic membrane perforation. Binaural tympanic membrane perforation is a common disease, which often occurs in many patients. At the same time, we often like to dig the ear. Sometimes we don't pay attention to the strength when digging the ear, which will lead to ear injury and other symptoms. What are the symptoms of binaural tympanic membrane perforation Let's talk about it at home.

What symptom does double ear tympanic membrane perforation have

First: first of all, there are deafness, earache, tinnitus, vertigo, nausea and other symptoms of tympanic membrane perforation in both ears, so patients must be treated in time when they encounter these conditions, so that they can better recover. I hope patients pay attention to these problems, come on.

Second: in addition, the patient's diet, eat more fresh food, eat less spicy and other stimulating food. Onion, garlic, shrimp, crab, these are not good for their own body, I hope patients pay attention to it, in order to make a better life.

Third: finally, we should also talk about the life of patients. It is suggested that patients must keep the external auditory canal clean and dry. When washing their hair, they should not let dirty water enter the ear canal, let alone swim. We hope that patients must pay attention to these problems, which is very important for their own health.

matters needing attention

Finally, we should pay attention to the patient's physical aspect. We should check ourselves regularly. We hope that the patient will keep a happy mood every day. A good mood will help you keep healthy.