How to treat vitiligo

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Granny Zhang is suffering from vitiligo. She has a large white spot. Because she doesn't want to take medicine, she wants to use some plasters to smear it. I don't know if this is OK. Let me talk about how to treat vitiligo.

How to treat vitiligo

First: vitiligo can be wiped, with compound Baizhi tincture, hydrochloric acid nitrogen mustard tincture or Qubai tincture, Xiaobai ointment, plus oral drugs such as Qubai Babu tablets, Taohong Qingxue pills, Baisi pills, Wulong powder are OK. But this is more stubborn, to adhere to medication will have effect.

Second: the most important point in the treatment of vitiligo is early treatment. Early vitiligo is mild and effective. But only a small number of patients in the early scientific and effective treatment, most patients are not in the early treatment, or improper treatment, did not achieve good results.

Third: try to avoid taking vitamin C, eat less or do not eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. Such as green pepper, tomato, citrus, grapefruit, etc. Eating foods rich in copper, if the body copper ion content increased, melanin production also increased.

matters needing attention

The treatment of vitiligo is a long time with treatment, but as long as we find the cause of vitiligo, we can symptomatic treatment, choose the best treatment period, adhere to the treatment, then, vitiligo can be completely cured.