How does neonate nasal obstruction do seriously?

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In the care of newborns, many parents have encountered the situation of baby nasal congestion. Because some parents are taking care of their children for the first time, they don't know how to deal with the nasal obstruction of the newborn. In fact, parents in dealing with the baby's nasal congestion, do the following things can alleviate the baby's symptoms. How does neonate nasal obstruction do seriously? Let's talk about it

How does neonate nasal obstruction do seriously?

Baby's nasal congestion may be due to the presence of allergens at home, such as too much dust on bed sheets and quilt covers, lack of sanitation at home, etc. During the period of the baby's nasal congestion, parents should ensure that the home is clean and sanitary, and frequently change the sheets to ensure that the baby can grow up in a clean environment.

Drop breast milk into the baby's nasal cavity and wait for the baby to discharge the secretion from the nose. If there is no discharge of secretion for a long time, you can use a fine cotton swab to dip into the baby's nostril and gently rotate it to bring out the secretion.

Apply 0.5% ephedrine to the nose, one drop in each nostril. This method is suitable for the baby before feeding, 3-4 times a day, avoid using too many times. Apply a warm wet towel to the root of the baby's nose, which can relieve congestion and swelling of nasal mucosa caused by cold.

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Novice parents note that if the baby's nose is more serious, don't handle it easily, it's best to take the baby to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. If you decide to treat your baby's stuffy nose, you need to treat it under the guidance of your doctor when using a nasal stopper or medicine.