What are the early symptoms of lung cancer patients

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Uncle's living habits are not very good. He usually has a bad habit of smoking. Recently, he has been coughing all the time, but he can't stop coughing. The doctor says it's early lung cancer. Now let me talk about the early symptoms of lung cancer patients.

What are the early symptoms of lung cancer patients

First: phlegm and blood. Cough at the same time, often accompanied by different degrees of sputum performance. What's more, blood can be found in sputum. When tumor inflammation leads to necrosis and capillary damage, there will be a small amount of bleeding, which is often mixed with sputum and found intermittently or intermittently. Many lung cancer patients are treated because of sputum and blood.

Second: cough. Cough is a typical manifestation of lung cancer, which is very similar to common cold in the early stage. Lung cancer grows on the bronchi and lung tissue, usually produces respiratory tract irritation symptoms and irritative cough. Fever: low fever for a long time is one of the early symptoms of lung cancer. After blocking the bronchus, there are often obstructive pulmonary lobes with different degrees. Mild patients have only low fever, severe patients have high fever. After treatment, they can be temporarily improved, but they will relapse very quickly.

Third: chest pain. Chest pain is a very common clinical manifestation, often found in patients with early lung cancer. The chest pain in the early stage of lung cancer was mild, mainly manifested as dull pain, dull pain, uncertain location, and uncertain relationship with respiration. If distension and pain occur all the time, it indicates that cancer may involve the pleura.

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Lung cancer is an extremely common malignant tumor. Most of the disease is closely related to some bad living habits. The above introduces some common symptoms of lung cancer in the early stage. You can identify and check them by yourself.