How does premature baby return a responsibility that is bisexual?

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For premature infants, there are some contraindications. Because of their weak physique, their vital signs have not returned to the normal state of full-term infants. In addition, when they are born, amniotic fluid or other dirt may be inhaled into the mouth and lungs, causing lung infection, causing neonatal pneumonia and other problems, they need special care. For example, premature babies should be put into incubators. When the indicators are normal to the level of full-term infants, they can be taken home for maintenance. For premature infants with neonatal pneumonia, we need active treatment, not neglect, medical staff need to double the care. Until the disease is cured and the body is in normal condition. How does premature baby return a responsibility that is bisexual? Let's talk about it.

How does premature baby return a responsibility that is bisexual?

First of all, premature care at the same time for the treatment of pneumonia, for the baby is also a test. Under normal circumstances, through treatment is able to pass the risk of recovery, individual also need more care to restore normal baby signs. Therefore, as a parent, we should pay special attention to it. In the hospital, after the full treatment of doctors, we can recover. Timely observation and detection of the baby's body temperature, heartbeat, breathing and other changes. Timely monitoring.

During the illness. As a newborn, you need to stay in the incubator. Because their physical condition is weak, need special care to be safe. We also need to treat the disease. Parents should cooperate with medical staff to take good care of the baby. Observe the child's daily situation, pay more attention, and report the baby's subtle changes to the medical staff in time, so as to better care and treat the baby.

Breast milk is better for the baby, because the mother can better and more carefully observe the changes of the child, and the mother is conducive to the health of the baby, not to the milk may not adapt to the problem, for the problem of neonatal pneumonia needs careful treatment, let the baby recover as soon as possible. Therefore, the premature birth care and neonatal pneumonia treatment should be carried out at the same time.

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As parents, don't worry. Most of the diseases can be cured with the development of modern medical technology. Although the newborn's physique is relatively weak in all aspects, the small life itself has a certain resistance. There's no need to be too nervous. As long as we actively cooperate with the treatment and seriously maintain the weak life, we can.