What kind of women does mammary gland hyperplasia like to find? Women staying up late

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Mammary gland hyperplasia is now many women will have breast health problems. In recent years, the number of women with hyperplasia of mammary glands is on the rise. Which women are more likely to suffer from breast hyperplasia? Next, I'll analyze it for you!

What kind of women does mammary gland hyperplasia like to find? Women staying up late

First: stay up late women - stay up late may lead to breast hyperplasia. Female workaholics and night owls are easy to suffer from breast hyperplasia, which is not only because of excessive work pressure, but also because the irregular life will affect the health of the breast.

Second: angry women - when women are always in a state of anger, worry, worry and other bad emotions, they will inhibit the ovarian ovulation function, reduce progesterone, increase estrogen, and prone to breast hyperplasia.

Third: often wear inappropriate underwear women - bra too small or too large will induce breast disease. If the bra is too small and the steel ring of the lower circumference is hard and tight, it will affect the blood circulation and supply, cause breast ischemia and spasm, oppress the lymph glands in the breast, make the toxin produced here difficult to discharge, and cause breast hyperplasia. If the bra is too large, the breast can move up and down, which can also lead to breast hyperplasia.

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Irregular menstruation of women - breast hyperplasia, most of them are caused by endocrine disorders. Irregular menstruation is also caused by endocrine disorder in the body. Therefore, women with irregular menstruation are prone to breast hyperplasia.