How is vitiligo caused

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There are many symptoms of vitiligo. Some time ago, my cousin suffered from vitiligo. There are many white spots on his arms and legs. After treatment, he got better. Here I share with you how vitiligo is caused!

How is vitiligo caused

The first reason is: low immunity. Low immunity is also a major cause of vitiligo. Experts pointed out that children's bodies are developing, their physical functions are not yet fully developed, and their immunity is poor. Sun exposure. Children often bask in the sun and are often exposed to sunlight.

The second reason is: there are many predisposing factors for the onset of vitiligo, such as melanin self destruction, imbalance of trace element proportion, autoimmunity, trauma infection, mental pressure, etc., which can cause the disease, some are caused by one inducing factor, some are caused by a variety of predisposing factors.

The third reason is: the pathogenesis of vitiligo is more complex, including autoimmune theory, melanocyte self destruction theory, neurochemical factor theory, genetic factors, trace element changes and mental factors, microcirculation disorders, diet, mood, alcohol and tobacco, drug stimulation, mechanical stimulation, surgery, trauma, and so on.

matters needing attention

Patients with vitiligo, in the usual diet to pay attention to some, acid fruit to eat less, especially vitamin C fruit is not to eat, has the role of desalination of melanin, for patients with vitiligo treatment is a great obstacle, so need to pay more attention to some.