How to treat luteal hematoma

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My best friend a Hong got corpus luteum cyst disease last year. During that time, I often went to the hospital to visit her, so I also learned about her whole treatment process. It is said that this disease will happen to many women, so now I want to tell you about my best friend's treatment process, so that you can have a further understanding of this disease.

How to treat luteal hematoma

First: at that time, the main symptoms of her best friend were rupture of corpus luteum and coagulation disorder, so she came to the hospital. The doctor did laparoscopy and cytochemical staining for her, combined with her best friend's symptoms, and then diagnosed it as a symptom of corpus luteum cyst disease.

Second: the doctor said that this kind of disease has a long latent time in my best friend's body, so I had to have an operation immediately. So my best friend called me at that time, and I rushed to the hospital to take care of her. In this way, three days later, my best friend had a wedge-shaped ovariectomy.

Third: in addition, the doctor also asked me to drink some peony and licorice Soup for my best friend, which is very good for patients with corpus luteum cyst, because this kind of soup can relieve pain, promote hematoma absorption, and restore ovulation. My best friend also said that she felt much better after eating it. This kind of treatment lasted for more than a month. After discharge, plus some nursing work, my best friend's illness gradually improved.

matters needing attention

Corpus luteum cyst is caused by many reasons, suffering from corpus luteum cyst will bring a lot of symptoms, so for corpus luteum cyst must be found early, early treatment.