How to treat advanced lung cancer

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Uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer a long time ago. Recently, he coughed and even coughed up blood. He was very afraid. The doctor said that the cancer cells had metastasized to the liver. Now let me talk about how to treat the advanced lung cancer.

How to treat advanced lung cancer

First: minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer is not very harmful. Whether drug treatment or surgical treatment should be adopted for lung cancer treatment depends on the specific condition of lung cancer. At the same time, the specific conditions of patients themselves should be considered, including the patient's physical endurance, age, gender and so on. Before formulating the treatment policy, we should make a detailed analysis of the specific conditions of patients According to the actual situation to determine the final treatment plan.

The second treatment for lung cancer is minimally invasive surgery, and the second treatment for lung cancer is minimally invasive surgery. Surgical treatment for small cell lung cancer with mediastinal lymph node metastasis is very poor, and surgical resection is not recommended. But surgical treatment also has its own disadvantages in it, surgical treatment of early lung cancer is often accompanied by varying degrees of complications, and postoperative recurrence. Early surgical treatment of lung cancer combined with traditional Chinese medicine can enhance the immune function of patients, promote postoperative recovery, and effectively prevent postoperative recurrence and metastasis. Therefore, in the course of treatment of early lung cancer, traditional Chinese medicine is generally used to inhibit tumor metastasis, replication and invasion.

Third: chemotherapy, as the name suggests, is to use some chemical drugs to control the development of tumor cells, in order to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the metastasis and replication of tumor cells. It is mainly used in the treatment of early lung cancer. Generally, after surgery, in order to prevent recurrence of cancer cells, a series of chemotherapy treatment will be carried out to consolidate, but chemotherapy treatment will bring certain adverse reactions to patients, so chemotherapy treatment should also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate the adverse reactions of patients.

matters needing attention

Lung cancer patients should pay attention to the diet should be fluid, light, to maintain a balanced nutrition, food choice to soft, easy to digest diet is better, to be gradual, not blindly require more food, food supplement and drug supplement can be synchronized.