How to diagnose psoriasis symptoms

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Recently, my wife always says that her back is itchy. She grabs it with her hand to relieve it. After a while, she starts to itch again. She is very uncomfortable. She helps her to look at her lower back and finds that there are a lot of white scurf on her back, especially where she is scratched. She is very worried. Now let me tell you how to diagnose psoriasis.

How to diagnose psoriasis symptoms

First: blood routine examination, through a large number of patients with psoriasis case summary study found that many patients with psoriasis before illness, there will be varying degrees of upper respiratory tract infection, or cold. The number of white blood cells in human body will increase rapidly after upper respiratory tract infection. Through the analysis of the blood routine examination of patients with psoriasis, it is not difficult to find that most of the patients with psoriasis induced by infection still maintain a high level of white blood cells after the cure of upper respiratory tract infection. This shows that the persistence of infection is also one of the important causes of psoriasis.

Second: liver function test, doctors have shown that psoriasis and the liver is not necessarily linked, but psoriasis needs a long-term treatment process, during this period, patients with psoriasis will use a lot of drugs for treatment, these drugs use too much will lead to abnormal liver function, misuse of drugs lead to liver damage phenomenon is not common in patients with psoriasis Fresh, therefore, patients must be careful when choosing drugs, liver function examination will become very important.

Third: skin living cell examination is mainly to check the skin of patients with psoriasis living cells are the skin process extension and lower thickening, dermal papilla extension and edema, granular layer disappeared, keratosis, Munro micro abscess state. Psoriasis is on the epidermis. Skin biopsy can identify the types of skin lesions in patients with psoriasis and guide the use of topical drugs. Therefore, skin biopsy in patients with psoriasis is very useful.

matters needing attention

Although the treatment of psoriasis is stubborn, but patients should not abandon themselves, or should go to the hospital in time for treatment. Now medicine is more and more developed, as long as you choose a suitable way, I believe that patients with psoriasis can be effectively controlled.