What reason is the back has a knot in one's heart

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In life, there may be some friends feel more curious, other people's acne is long on the face, but their own acne is growing on the back. And such skin problems are easy to affect the health of the skin. In fact, in our life, acne often occurs in places where there is more oil secretion, and it is most common for young people to have acne. The appearance of acne in any part means that there is an abnormal phenomenon in the body. Now let's share with you the reasons why girls have acne.

What reason is the back has a knot in one's heart

First: the phenomenon of acne on the back of women is usually due to the oily skin of women, and the sebum secretion is relatively developed. If the skin cleaning work is not done well in time in this period, the pores will be blocked, so as to form acne.

Second: in addition, if the female friend's body is in a hot constitution, but in her daily diet, she likes to eat more spicy and greasy food, which will directly lead to the accumulation of dampness and heat in her body in her stomach and intestines. These dampness and heat food can't be eliminated in time, and silence in her body will produce acne.

Third: finally, female friends in daily life, if the work and rest and diet is not normal, then it is easy to make the body in the state of endocrine disorders, this period if there is no timely conditioning, then the phenomenon of acne is also very easy to appear. The above is the more common reason behind the long acne girls.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that female friends must develop good eating habits in daily life, and avoid eating raw and cold food with strong irritation. This is mainly because these foods will cause the rise of fire in the body, which is easy to lead to acne. It is suggested that we should do a good job in nursing in our daily life.