Symptoms of congestive gastritis?

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The symptoms of gastritis are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and dyspepsia; In severe cases, there may be hematemesis, black feces, even dehydration, poisoning and shock. If these gastritis are diagnosed by gastroscopy, congestion and other discomfort can be found. What are the typical symptoms of congestive gastritis? Let's talk about it.

Symptoms of congestive gastritis?

(1) Epigastric pain in the left or umbilical tenderness, paroxysmal aggravation or persistent dull pain, accompanied by abdominal fullness, discomfort. A few patients had severe pain.

(2) Nausea and vomiting vomit for undigested food, feel comfortable after vomiting, some patients until vomiting yellow bile or gastric acid.

(3) Diarrhea associated with enteritis, diarrhea, with the improvement of gastric symptoms and stop, can be loose stool and watery stool.

matters needing attention

1. No food or water 6-8 hours before examination. 2. Drink a mouthful of developer before examination. 3. In vitro gastrointestinal scanning was performed. 4. Wait for the results.