Those pancreatic cancers are better treated

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My grandfather fell to the ground when he was working last month because of severe shoulder and back pain. Later, I took him to the hospital for examination, and the examination report said that retroperitoneal lymph node metastasis of pancreatic head cancer and advanced pancreatic cancer. Today, let me tell you about the major concerns about the better treatment effect of pancreatic cancer.

Those pancreatic cancers are better treated

Method 1: so far in the treatment of pancreatic cancer is mainly surgical treatment, and then combined with targeted therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for comprehensive treatment, generally speaking, the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer to radiotherapy is very low, so it is only used for postoperative adjuvant treatment.

Method 2: for patients with pancreatic cancer, the only way to cure pancreatic cancer is surgery, and surgery also includes pancreatoduodenectomy, total pancreatectomy, pylorus preserving pancreatoduodenectomy, etc. Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult, so the resection rate is relatively low. The most important treatment for pancreatic cancer is early detection and early treatment.

Method 3: we should pay special attention to the diet after the occurrence of pancreatic cancer. We should not overeat or overeat. We should also control some sugar and protein. We should also eat less mutton, peanut, fat meat, meat floss and other greasy foods and high-fat foods. This is helpful for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

matters needing attention

In our daily life, we should pay attention to eat less and more meals. The diet is mainly low-fat and easy to digest. We should also pay attention to eating more jujube, yam, snake, turtle, turtle, Xiangru and other foods with anti pancreatic cancer effect.