How should female vagina plug medicine use

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Gynecological inflammation is very common in women, such as vaginitis. Because of its special location, if it is treated with oral drugs, the effect is usually poor, or no effect at all. So now many hospitals in the treatment of gynecological inflammation for women to open the drug, more is to open the female vaginal internal plug agent, at the same time with cleaning agent. But for women who use it for the first time, there is no problem in the use of cleaning agent, but there are some difficulties in vaginal medicine. Let's share the relevant knowledge about how to use vaginal medicine.

How should female vagina plug medicine use

First: first of all, you should pay attention to keep your hands clean and clean before filling medicine. The medicine stopper has a dosing device. Pay attention to pull the piston of the container outward as far as possible, and then put the medicine in the dosing device. Then use the supine position, so that the drug is easier to enter the vagina.

Second: insert the dispenser into the deep part of the vagina, press down the plunger of the dispenser, the tablet will enter the vagina with the pressure, and then pull the dispenser out from the vagina. However, it should be noted that if the dispenser is not disposable, it should be cleaned with warm water and soap, and at the same time, it should be kept dry and pollution-free.

Third: after the drug is inserted, keep the supine position for five to ten minutes, which is helpful to the absorption of the drug. Generally, the absorption of the drug is faster. If there is internal itching and other problems, do not stop using drugs, the symptoms generally disappear faster, at the same time, pay attention to use according to the course of treatment.

matters needing attention

When women have inflammation, leucorrhea will be more, so before using drugs, in order to ensure the effect, we should first carry out vaginal flushing, which can improve the curative effect. The flushing agent should be used according to the prescription prescribed by the doctor and the rules.