Carbon 13 blowing and symptoms of gastritis

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In modern society, stomach diseases are increasing, most of them are caused by (HP) Helicobacter pylori infection. As long as there is gastritis, there will be Helicobacter pylori infection. The principle of C14 breath test is: after entering the stomach through oral C14 urea capsule, if HP (Helicobacter pylori) exists in the stomach, the bacteria will decompose urease and hydrolyze urea, Urea is hydrolyzed to form carbon dioxide, which enters the lungs with the blood and is discharged as gas. Then, whether there is marked C14 in the exhaled gas of the patient is detected. If there is, it means there is HP. If not, it means there is no infection

Carbon 13 blowing and symptoms of gastritis

Whether C14 breath test is harmful: because of its marker urea C14 is a radioactive marker. Therefore, many patients are worried about radiation problems. However, experts said that up to now, there has been no gene mutation, alienation and other phenomena due to C14, so this test is safe. The half-life of C14 is 5000 years, and there is indeed radioactivity, but the measurement during the experiment is medically allowed, and it is almost harmless to the surrounding people. Therefore, please rest assured to check

Contraindications before C14 breath test: anti inflammatory drugs and most cold drugs are not allowed to be taken, and drugs containing proton and ionic agents are not allowed to be taken, which will affect the test results and may cause false negative (for example, if the result is < 100, it is normal, if your test result is 90, it is negative, but it may be that your HP content is higher than 100, because these drugs inhibit the activity of HP, Part of HP is not in the active stage, and the drugs taken cannot be decomposed by HP, so the gastrointestinal tract will not be absorbed. In this way, the HP content determined may be less, resulting in false negative). It is necessary to stop the drug for one to two weeks, and then conduct 13C or 14C breath test to be accurate.

The suitable population for C14 breath test: Patients with dyspepsia (short history, less than 45 years old, no stomach disease alarm symptoms), patients with follow-up visit 2, patients with gastroduodenal ulcer, peptic ulcer, obviously abnormal chronic gastritis, gastric MALT lymphoma, etc. who need Helicobacter pylori eradication 3, patients with gastric cancer and family history of gastric cancer 4, patients who refuse gastroscopy 5, patients who need Helicobacter pylori eradication 5 Other Helicobacter pylori related diseases: rosacea, measles, liver disease, halitosis, cholelithiasis, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, child dysplasia, migraine, coronary heart disease. The figure below shows the growth rate of Helicobacter pylori positive patients

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Price and location of C14 breath test: it is available in the digestive outpatient department of general large and medium-sized hospitals. It has become an indispensable examination for stomach discomfort, and there are also examination centers. Due to different regional economic levels, the price is generally within 100 yuan