What symptom does male infection HPV virus have

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Previously, I didn't know much about the disease of high-risk HPV virus, and I haven't even heard of it. But recently, I know more about this disease, because there are relatives in my family suffering from this disease. Let's talk about the male symptoms of high-risk HPV virus.

What symptom does male infection HPV virus have

First: HPV (human papillomavirus abbreviation) is a kind of papillomavacuolar virus A belonging to the family lactuloviridae, which is a spherical DNA virus; the infection area: human epidermis and mucous membrane squamous epithelium, more than 130 kinds have been isolated so far, the virus only invades human beings, and has no pathogenicity to other animals. After regular systematic treatment, the virus will be cleared by human body.

Second: human papillomavirus (HPV) is a kind of epitheliophilic virus with high specificity. Professor Yang Jing of Shanghai Huafu said: for a long time, HPV has been known to cause human benign tumors and warts, such as human verruca vulgaris, condyloma acuminatum and papilloma on mucous membrane growing near reproductive organs.

Third: like hepatitis B virus, HPV is also a DNA virus. The International Committee on Taxonomy of viruses (ICTV) cancelled the tumor cavity and replaced it with papillomavirus. In 1999, HPV was subdivided into the subcutaneous space. The skin showed that the skin tumors of Bowen's disease, basal cell carcinoma, Paget disease and squamous cell carcinoma were also related to this kind of virus infection.

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The above is a summary of the basic male symptoms of high-risk HPV virus. Here, we also suggest that the majority of male friends have more basic knowledge about this type of disease, so that if they encounter these again later, they will not say nothing.