How does oviduct jam do still can be pregnant

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I've been married to my husband for five years, but I have no children. At the suggestion of my family, my husband and I went to the hospital for an examination at the weekend. The doctor said that I had tubal blockage, and then immediately treated me. Now the situation is a little better. Let's talk about how to do tubal blockage and get pregnant.

How does oviduct jam do still can be pregnant

Method 1: interventional therapy is a common treatment for tubal obstruction. Interventional therapy can dredge the fallopian tube by operation, so as to achieve the purpose of treating animal diseases with tubal obstruction.

Method 2: salpingostomy does not have a therapeutic effect. Salpingostomy is mostly caused by chronic inflammation. Repeated salpingostomy may make the degree of salpingostomy more serious, weaken the peristalsis ability of the fallopian tube and the swing ability of the cilia, and may also become the inducement of hydrosalpinx. After hydrosalpinx occurs, it will affect the normal pregnancy of patients.

Method 3: Hysteroscopy combined with laparoscopy is an intuitive and accurate diagnostic method for tubal infertility. Combined operation and diagnosis are implemented at the same time, which is safe and effective.

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