How is lumbago after scraping to return a responsibility

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Many people will have the phenomenon of backache after scraping. In fact, there are many reasons for backache after scraping. I personally like scraping, because I think it's very good for the body and can detoxify and health care. I shave twice a month. So some friends, do not know what to pay attention to scraping things, now to share with you, my own experience.

How is lumbago after scraping to return a responsibility

First: when we scraping, it's best to choose a room away from the wind, but also pay attention to keep warm. If the room temperature is low, try to reduce the exposed parts, such as when the temperature is high in summer, do not scrape at the fan. It's because when scraping, the sweat pores of the skin are open. If you are affected by the wind, the evil can enter the body directly through the open pores, which will affect the efficacy of scraping and easily infect the wind cold.

Second: after scraping, you can drink a cup of hot water first, because scraping will make juice hole sweat discharge, evil gas discharge, which is to consume part of the body's water. At this time, drinking a cup of hot water will supplement the consumption, promote metabolism and accelerate the discharge of metabolites.

Third: if it's just health care scraping, the scraping of the head can be done without media, and it's better to scrape it with clothes separated, and the technique should be gentle. In the scraping time should also pay attention to the first scraping, to wait until the last time the rash subsided later.

matters needing attention

After scraping, it usually takes about three hours to take a bath, because when scraping, the pores are open, to avoid wind and cold evil into the body, we must wait until the pores are closed before taking a bath.