What is the diagnosis of vitiligo

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A year ago, I found that there are many small white spots under the neck, on the mouth and lips. At the beginning, the treatment of white spots has some effect, but in the treatment, white spots have increased. Let's see what the diagnosis of vitiligo is.

What is the diagnosis of vitiligo

First: the diagnosis of vitiligo is generally the first observation, preliminary identification, and then determined by instrument examination, patients should go to the regular vitiligo hospital to do a systematic examination, identify the cause. an antidote against the disease. Different causes of vitiligo treatment is not the same, suitable for their own is the best.

Second: if patients with vitiligo within six months of the spread of white spots, there is no new white spots, we think that vitiligo is in a stable period. Stable white spot is characterized by clear boundary and obvious boundary with normal skin. If the boundary of white spot is fuzzy and there is no obvious boundary with normal skin, it is in a transitional state, then vitiligo is in the advanced stage.

Third: psychological factors have a great influence on vitiligo. We should avoid adverse psychological factors, because adverse psychological factors and emotional performance are not only not conducive to the recovery of the disease, but also aggravate the harm of the development of the disease. Because these factors can make the body's endocrine dysfunction, immune function decline, so that the further development of leukoplakia, spread, bring difficulties to the treatment.

matters needing attention

In life, vitiligo patients must be more understanding, is the best way to recover their disease, usual diet should pay attention to, eat less vitamin, C content of high food, eat photosensitive food after less sun, prevent the formation of day shift on the skin.