How should acute neuritis be treated

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Spring is really a high incidence season for all kinds of diseases, Peripheral neuritis can often be complicated with nerve infection or inflammation in most cases. As we all know, peripheral neuropathy is caused by a variety of reasons. The pathological nerves include cranial nerve and spinal nerve. The main symptoms are abnormal sensory, motor and autonomic nerve functions dominated by the pathological nerves, most of which are multiple and single It is a common disease of nervous system. And the age of onset is very wide. How to treat acute neuritis.

How should acute neuritis be treated

First: etiology treatment of peripheral neuritis is the most common way: Patients with peripheral neuritis caused by poisoning should immediately prevent the poison from entering the human body, but also from the toxic environment and causing toxic substances. If the disease is caused by drugs, it must be stopped as soon as possible. In general, it is to find the cause of disease, eliminate the cause of disease, so as to get better treatment.

Second: peripheral neuritis general treatment: in the acute period must pay attention to bed rest, due to various reasons caused by multiple neuritis can use large doses of vitamins to alleviate. Patients with obvious pain can use analgesics and sedatives, such as carbamazepine. It can also be treated with adrenocortical hormones such as hydrocortisone. It can also be treated with vasodilators.

Third: the patients with peripheral neuritis should strengthen nursing: keep the limbs in the correct functional position, often turn over to prevent bedsore and lung infection. In the recovery period: to strengthen physical exercise, you can also do the following acupuncture, massage and physical therapy. In the daily diet is easy to light, the best vegetables based, do not eat too much meat. The drugs for the treatment of peripheral neuritis are vitamin B1 and vitamin B6.

matters needing attention

1. In peacetime must be appropriate exercise. 2. Patients should keep a good state of mind, don't be angry or depressed, don't be nervous, don't be excited, always keep a happy and open-minded mood, keep emotional stability. 3. In the diet to eat more nutritious, light food. 4. Daily life must be regular, and sex must have rhythm.