What reason is biceps muscle ache?

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We know that pull-up is a kind of sports that we often do in our life, especially for men, who are very keen on this kind of sports. It is a good way to exercise our arm strength, and also a way to promote our arm strength. But sometimes if we do it in the wrong way, or if we exercise too much, There may be biceps and triceps pain. What reason is biceps muscle ache? Let's talk about it

What reason is biceps muscle ache?

This may be caused by lactic acid accumulation caused by long-term inactivity. This is a phenomenon we often have after exercise, so it's normal to have two or three days of soreness sometimes. We don't need to panic too much.

Do stretch too much, such as leg pressure, shoulder pressure and other movements too much. It usually occurs at the juncture of muscle abdomen or muscle abdomen and tendon. But no matter where it happens, there will be a strong sense of pain.

Another more serious situation is that it may cause muscle tears and strains. This is because we are not prepared for the work when we exercise, or we are too intense when we exercise. Therefore, we must pay attention to protect ourselves when we exercise.

matters needing attention

Preparatory work is very important for a sports process, so we must make our body fully hot, fully flexible, so that we can do a better job, and the effect will be better.