Is right ovarian cyst serious

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Ovarian cyst is not only harmful to women's ovaries, but also to other organs of women. Generally, the harm of ovarian cyst is greater, and the harm will be greater if malignant transformation occurs. In many cases, ovarian cysts can cause ascites, abdominal pain and other common phenomena. Now let me introduce to you the right ovarian cyst is serious.

Is right ovarian cyst serious

First: under normal circumstances, during ovulation, under the action of estrogen, ovarian mucus has more water and thinner texture, which is conducive to sperm penetration. When ovarian cysts occur, especially moderate and severe ovarian cysts, the ovarian secretions increase significantly and the texture is sticky, which will have an adverse effect on sperm motility and prevent sperm from entering the uterine cavity, thus affecting pregnancy.

Second, ovarian cyst is closely related to the incidence of ovarian cancer. According to statistics, the incidence rate of ovarian cancer is 10 times higher than that of normal women. Meanwhile, the incidence of ovarian cancer is also related to the degree of ovarian cysts. The incidence rate of severe ovarian inflammation is significantly higher than that of mild ones.

Third: for women with ovarian cysts, sexual life will aggravate the disease, so that the cyst surface expansion, may feel pain, serious sexual bleeding will occur, so the lack of quality of sexual life. If you do not pay attention to sexual hygiene, sexual life may bring bacteria into the vagina, ovarian infection.

matters needing attention

This disease needs attention: the harm of serious ovarian cysts will affect the quality of sexual life, make women feel pain and discomfort in the process of sexual life, and then reject sexual life.