How does recrudescent acuteness treat

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Recurrent acuteness how to treat, for single, small area of condyloma can be surgically removed, the following share how to treat recurrent acuteness.

How does recrudescent acuteness treat

Method 1: the huge condyloma acuminatum can be resected by Mohs's operation, and frozen section is used to check whether the damage is resected completely. The recurrence rate of single operation is very high.

Method 2: the liquid nitrogen at - 196 ℃ was used to treat condyloma acuminatum and promote the necrosis and abscission of condyloma acuminatum tissue. This method is suitable for condyloma acuminatum with small number and area. It is feasible to treat 1-2 times with an interval of one week. This method can remove the condyloma acuminatum and is easy to relapse.

Method 3: CO2 laser cauterization is usually used to treat condyloma acuminatum. This therapy is most suitable for condyloma around penis or anus. Single or a small number of multiple condyloma acuminatum can be treated once. Multiple or large area condyloma acuminatum can be treated 2-3 times. Generally, the recurrence cycle is 20 days-3 months.

matters needing attention

Condyloma acuminatum is easy to relapse, can't be cured, and can't bear. The adverse effects of condyloma acuminatum advertised in these small advertisements will make patients feel that they have fallen into the bottomless abyss and are under great pressure. In fact, condyloma acuminatum is not a raging beast. These misunderstandings will aggravate the disease.