What are the symptoms of brain virus

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Cerebrovirus is also known as viral encephalitis, suffering from this disease will appear systemic discomfort, the onset of the disease is similar to a cold, fever, soreness, loss of appetite and other symptoms, then the following science for you what are the symptoms of cerebrovirus.

What are the symptoms of brain virus

First: viral encephalitis, viral meningitis is a central nervous system infectious disease caused by a variety of different viruses, also known as aseptic meningitis or serous meningitis. The disease is seen all over the world. The incidence rate is 11~27 / 100 thousand per year.

Second: the clinical manifestations are similar, mainly invading the meninges and appearing meningeal stimulation sign, and there is an increase of leukocytes mainly composed of lymphocytes in cerebrospinal fluid. The course of disease was benign, mostly within 2 weeks, generally not more than 3 weeks, with self limiting, good prognosis, and no complications. If the virus invades the meninges as well as the brain parenchyma, meningoencephalitis will be formed. According to the condition of the disease may be different in size of the epidemic, can also be scattered in the disease.

Third: it is generally believed that this disease belongs to the category of warm disease and spasm syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine. It is caused by external attack of warm heat, transforming heat into human camp, closing heart and inducing liver wind. Viral meningitis: acute onset, characterized by fever, headache, vomiting, or rash. The older children suffered from retrobulbar pain, neck, back, lower limb pain and abnormal pain sensation, while the infants were crying and irritable, but they were conscious and had no convulsions or stiff neck.

matters needing attention

Cerebrovirus, also known as viral encephalitis, usually occurs in children. However, if children are vaccinated on time, they don't have to worry too much after vaccination. Moreover, the viral encephalitis that has been transmitted in recent years is not particularly serious. Therefore, it's just a warning for parents to popularize the science of what the symptoms of cerebrovirus are.