How does kidney creatinine high do

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Recently, the patient's creatinine was higher than that of his neighbor, so he didn't have to be hospitalized for a week. Let's talk about what to do with high renal creatinine.

How does kidney creatinine high do

Method 1: general chronic kidney disease patients eat corn whiskers, astragalus, Codonopsis, creatinine rise, is due to the decline of the excretion function of the kidney itself, toxin accumulation in the body, once the creatinine rise on behalf of the kidney function at least two-thirds of the damage.

Method 2: it is better to combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine. Increase the blood flow of the kidney, improve the glomerular filtration rate, mobilize the viscera to participate in detoxification, protect the remaining renal function, and fundamentally reduce the serum creatinine and other indicators. The reason of high creatinine should be clarified. Acute renal failure or chronic renal failure, there are Niaoduqing, Shenshuaining capsules.

Method 3: high creatinine is a manifestation of renal insufficiency, not something to eat can bring it down. Except for the medicine given by the doctor. We should pay attention to daily life, take good care of the body, the kidney will be healthy. It will take a long time to get down. It's useless to rush. Pay attention to light diet, moderate life, maintain a good attitude.

matters needing attention

People with high creatinine also need to pay attention to some details. In terms of diet, the amount of salt should be controlled. We should also control the intake of protein. A low salt or salt free diet must be used. Protein should be rich in high quality protein diet. We must start from diet to improve our disease.