How much does it cost to cut a phimosis

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It's normal for some men to have phimosis. They are chatting with friends at night. They say that they want to cut phimosis recently. Otherwise, many things in life are very inconvenient and their sex life is not very satisfactory. Now let's find out how much it costs to cut phimosis.

How much does it cost to cut a phimosis

First: Generally speaking, phimosis (prepuce can not be turned up), prepuce mouth is too tight, recurrent prepuce inflammation, affect sexual life need surgery. After a week or so can return to normal work and study, but because the glans is more sensitive, may cause uncomfortable feeling, generally after a week can adapt. One month after the operation, they could have sex. Don't eat pungent food like chili for two weeks. The cost depends on the type of operation. About a few hundred to a thousand yuan.

Second, there are two kinds of operation costs: 400 yuan and 600 yuan. 600 yuan is Korean circumcision. The operation cost includes the cost of anesthetic drugs and disposable consumables during the operation. The preoperative examination and postoperative anti infection treatment are calculated separately. Korean circumcision is used in the Department of reproductive plastic surgery in our hospital, which has a high success rate. The whole operation takes only 15 minutes. It has a neat and beautiful appearance, which is conducive to health care, development, and significantly improves the quality of sexual life without any side effects. It is safe and convenient, and does not affect work and study.

Third: phimosis surgery should be linked to urology. Some large hospitals can do this operation in the outpatient department, even if they are hospitalized, they will not live for more than a week. The cost of the operation is about 1000 yuan. Please make suggestions according to the help patients want to get. They must go to the urology department of a large hospital instead of the so-called andrology hospital or specialized school hospital. Therefore, most of these small hospitals are contracted by individuals, with unsatisfactory medical technology and high charges.

matters needing attention

Phimosis is the need to see a doctor how to decide whether to treat, some people suffering from phimosis, but there is no huge impact, so there is no need to treat, but it is more appropriate to see a doctor, life should also pay attention to the phimosis part of the health and cleanliness.