Can depression be completely cured.

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With the increasing pressure of people's lives, the incidence rate of depression is increasing every year, and depression has also seriously affected the quality of life. So, let's see if depression can be completely cured.

Can depression be completely cured.

The first aspect: can be cured, because depression is not a simple physiological problem, moderate or above depression can not be completely cured by drugs, because people will repeat the pattern of his illness, unless people's mind is liberated.

Second: depression can be cured, but it's very difficult. At present, all treatments for depression are only control, drug control is the first choice, drug control can not stop or reduce drugs without authorization, otherwise it will lead to repeated illness.

The third aspect: depression is a common mental disease, patients must pay attention to maintain a good state of mind, must be inhibited through self-regulation. If the symptoms are serious and can not be alleviated by self-regulation, it should be solved by operation.

matters needing attention

Of course, depression can be completely cured, but it is more difficult. Self therapy is a very important aspect. We must keep active and take medicine regularly and quantitatively.