Cataract symptoms?

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Grandfather's eyesight is very poor now. We have to be very careful when we walk. We are very worried that for anyone, eyes play a very important role, and they are an important window for us to understand the world. However, cataract has become a disease threatening many elderly people. Leukopenia is a common major blinding eye disease, which is a chronic disease, Many people find that they are ill only when the disease worsens to a certain extent. At this time, they are often in the late stage. So I want to know the late symptoms of cataract.

Cataract symptoms?

We must know that the lens cortex is completely turbid, the appearance is diffuse milky white, the lens expansion completely subsides, the anterior chamber depth returns to normal, and the iris projection does not exist. This is developing towards the late stage of cataracts. The most effective method of cataract treatment is surgery, through surgical treatment, the vast majority of patients can successfully restore vision, I wish your family a speedy recovery.

Patients must pay attention to the wedge-shaped opacity of the equatorial part of the lens gradually expands and continues to develop to the pupil area and deep layer. The whole lens appears milky white opacity, but the opacity is not uniform. After the original wedge-shaped opacity merges with each other, the radial stripes can still be clearly displayed. At this stage, the water content in the cortical layer increases and the lens expands and the anterior chamber becomes shallow, May occur secondary glaucoma, because the cortex is not yet completely turbid, iris projection exists, I wish you health.

Patients must know that the protein degeneration of lens cortex continues to develop, the fiber structure has been completely destroyed, the radial stripes disappear on the appearance, the lens is uniform white turbid, due to the continuous discharge of decomposition products and water, the anterior chamber can be deep, iris concussion, anterior capsule turbidity and wrinkles. This is the late symptom of cataract. I hope you will recover soon.

matters needing attention

Patients must pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, relax, rest, and don't be too nervous. They must go to large hospitals for regular treatment. They should try not to eat spicy food, but eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.