The cause of uterine bleeding?

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When a girl is about 20 years old, she will become a girl. This is an extraordinary period, because the sex hormone secretion of girls in this age group is the highest period, especially the menstruation. It will come frequently, or it will come twice a month. This is very unhealthy for a girl and has a great impact on her body. So at this time, Girls have to think about whether it's vaginal bleeding. So, what is the cause of uterine bleeding in girls? Let's learn about it through the following.

The cause of uterine bleeding?

1. Young girl uterine bleeding is very common in life, of course, the impact is also great, cause young girl uterine bleeding reason is more, when genital inflammation, such as endometritis, the clinical symptoms of the performance is irregular vaginal bleeding, so we should pay attention to.

2. When young girls suffer from uterine fibroids, uterine bleeding will also occur, because uterine fibroids will appear menstrual disorders, menstrual inflammation, vaginal bleeding will be irregular, and sometimes the amount of bleeding will increase, sometimes reduce, to the health of young girls bring great hidden danger.

3. Suffering from endometriosis, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and so on, all lead to the situation of uterine bleeding in girls, especially in the aspect of uterine cancer. It will not only lead to female uterine bleeding, but also lead to pathological changes in other places due to infection. Therefore, it is critical to check in the hospital in time.

matters needing attention

The above is the introduction of girl uterine bleeding, I hope girls can cause great attention, when uterine bleeding occurs, to find out the cause in time to the regular hospital, and then timely symptomatic treatment.