What reason is female lumbago bilges painful

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Postpartum in a month, always feel the waist acid can't. Also with abdominal distension, eat something feel distended. It's been like this for months, but the symptoms of backache haven't improved. I can't sit still. I went to the hospital for B-ultrasound examination and blood examination. So I slept too much. Another reason is the above symptoms caused by calcium deficiency.

What reason is female lumbago bilges painful

Reason 1: most postpartum women may have this symptom, so most people will ignore this situation, thinking that as long as the time is longer, it will be good, who knows that there are abnormal conditions. Thus delaying the disease, but also to the treatment of the difficulty and time of treatment, the recovery time is extended, so people with this symptom should pay attention to observe their own situation.

Reason 2: after the diagnosis, the doctor told the matters needing attention, such as whether there is abnormal secretion, whether lumbar acid aggravates this kind of situation. And told to be sure to have appropriate activities of this kind. Avoid bending, standing for a long time and squatting. Avoid lifting too much weight or lifting too high objects, the whole puerperium should ensure adequate sleep and rest, do not take part in heavy physical labor too early, do not walk long or run.

Reason 3: the doctor told me that if I was very sour, I could do acupuncture and moxibustion, but I was afraid that I was in a hurry, so I finally let my husband do volunteer work to massage for me, which can also enhance my feelings. Hehe, kill two birds with one stone. Before getting up in the morning or going to bed at night, you can rub the back muscles with both hands, rub them up and down for 50 ~ 100 times, and twist the waist at the same time, which can relax tendons and activate blood circulation, promote local blood circulation, and improve waist acid. But it should be noted that the strength should not be too large, and it is appropriate to be able to bear it.

matters needing attention

We in the ordinary, women must pay attention to more fruits and vegetables and blood food, in order to better ensure their health.