What is the treatment of synovitis

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I personally don't like sports. My best friend can't stand it. She has to run with me. As a result, she sprained her leg some time ago. She had been recuperating for a few days and has improved. Unexpectedly, when it rained, she fell on her leg and became synovitis. Today, let me talk about the treatment of synovitis.

What is the treatment of synovitis

First, conservative treatment is the main treatment for synovitis. Through medication, rest, sealing and joint cavity flushing, the patient's symptoms can be relieved. Occlusal pad can be used to treat the patients with disc displacement or osteoarthropathy, and operation can be used to treat the patients with severe symptoms. Early should lie in bed rest, raise the affected limb, can use elastic bandage pressure bandage, and prohibit weight-bearing. During the treatment, quadriceps femoris can be relaxed and contracted, and the knee joint flexion and extension should be strengthened in the later stage.

Second: the treatment of synovitis drugs are mainly divided into oral and external use of two categories. Topical drugs are anti-inflammatory drugs, which can relieve symptoms by eliminating inflammation, and have no therapeutic effect on synovial strain or trauma. The mechanism of oral medication is the same as that of external medication. There are few effective drugs for synovial lesions. Prevent quadriceps atrophy, prevent recurrent synovitis, restore knee flexion and extension function.

Third: the treatment of synovitis in the acute stage with western medicine, such as: hormone, drainage, flushing, antibiotics and other treatment, can achieve satisfactory results, if the treatment is not complete, miss the best treatment period, inflammation gradually into chronic phase, repeated effusion, synovial hypertrophy, adhesion, affect the joint function. Timely treatment, clear diagnosis, exclude other factors, careful examination, in order to prevent missed diagnosis, avoid delay.

matters needing attention

Therefore, we should actively accept treatment, pay attention to rest, pay attention to preparation and protection before exercise, adjust diet structure, eat less high-fat food, pay attention to calcium and other trace elements supplement, develop a regular life, avoid overwork, pay attention to rest.