Can cold cough eat shrimp

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Once the cold germs invade, the body will appear weak. At this time, you can take some fruit to supplement vitamins and enhance resistance. Can also eat some other diet to treat, so we must do a good job of the disease related work, then cold cough can eat shrimp.

Can cold cough eat shrimp

First: avoid eating more eggs. Eggs are rich in nutrition, but it is not suitable to eat more eggs during a cold and fever. This is because the protein in eggs will produce certain extra heat after decomposition in the body, which will increase the body heat, aggravate the fever symptoms, prolong the fever time and increase the pain of cold patients.

Second: avoid forced eating. When some children have a fever, parents often think that the fever consumes nutrition, and it's even worse if they don't eat. As a result, they forced their children to eat, and some even tried to give their children high nutrition food. In fact, this practice is counterproductive, not only can't promote appetite, but also can turn off appetite, and even cause vomiting, diarrhea, make the cold worse.

Third: avoid drinking more tea. Drinking strong tea will keep the brain excited, and make the pulse speed up, blood pressure rise, and then make cold patients temperature rise, restlessness. At the same time, tea water will affect the decomposition and absorption of drugs and reduce the efficacy of drugs.

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The above is today for you to sort out about the cold cough can eat shrimp related content, eat spicy bean products. Eating spicy bean products in winter not only helps to warm the body, but also prevents colds and flu. Nutritionists at Wake Forest University in the United States said that pepper can enhance immunity, chili sauce can also open the nose, onions and garlic also contain phytochemicals that can enhance the immune system. Soybean isoflavones in tofu and soybean can also enhance immunity.