Can child cerebral palsy be cured in life

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Cerebral palsy usually refers to the central dyskinesia caused by non progressive brain injury or brain dysplasia caused by various reasons from birth to one month after birth. Clinically, it is characterized by abnormal posture and muscle tension, muscle weakness, involuntary movement and ataxia, often accompanied by sensory, cognitive, communication, behavioral disorders and secondary skeletal muscle abnormalities, and may have the possibility of seizures. Can children's cerebral palsy be cured in life

Can child cerebral palsy be cured in life

First, cerebral palsy is a kind of intractable nervous system disease. The fundamental cause lies in the damage and pathological changes of brain tissue and nerve. The regeneration and reconstruction of brain tissue and nerve is a difficult project. The birth of nerve tissue regeneration therapy has effectively solved this problem and brought a new opportunity to the treatment of cerebral palsy.

Second: cerebral palsy is a brain nervous system disease, the harm to patients is very huge, cerebral palsy patients should go to the regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Drugs can only be used as auxiliary treatment, rehabilitation training, massage and other comprehensive treatment is an important treatment, indispensable.

Third: the younger the age of starting treatment, the more damaged brain nerve cells can be repaired, so as to reduce or alleviate the symptoms of cerebral palsy. According to the different dysfunction caused by disease injury, different diagnosis and treatment programs were developed for comprehensive treatment of perception, audio-visual, language, memory and movement training.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to give children to eat more lean meat, mushrooms, bean products and other lecithin containing food, to improve memory is also helpful. Therefore, eating bean products, egg yolk, fish head, etc. is also beneficial to children with ADHD.