What is Yang deficiency

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In fact, Yang deficiency is mainly a term used in traditional Chinese medicine, which means that the body is too deficient and Yang Qi is not enough for circulation. Let's talk about what is Yang deficiency.

What is Yang deficiency

First: Yang deficiency, a term of traditional Chinese medicine. It refers to the pathological phenomenon of Yang Qi deficiency. Yang Qi can warm the limbs and viscera. If Yang deficiency occurs, the body function will decline and the signs of deficiency cold will appear easily. The common ones are stomach Yang deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency and so on. The main syndromes of Yang deficiency are chilly limbs, pale complexion, loose stool, clear and long urine, weak pulse, etc.

Second, the common causes generally include congenital deficiency, weak endowment, disordered atrioventricular system, deficiency of kidney qi, excessive fatigue, depletion of vital energy, injury of body Qi, etc., excessive seven emotions, injury of viscera, long time and no more; disordered diet, injury of spleen and stomach, inability to transform into essence, deficiency of Qi and blood, inability to harmonize with the five viscera, inability to sprinkle on the six viscera, and gradual deficiency of both exterior and interior.

Third: fear of cold, cold limbs, this is the main symptom of Yang deficiency. Yang Qi is like the sun in nature. If Yang Qi is insufficient, the internal environment will be in a "cold" state. Dispirited refers to the lack of Yang Qi, the decline of cell life activities, so the performance of languid. The pulse condition is heavy thin is the yang qi insufficiency, cannot drum the artery tube, therefore the pulse condition is heavy thin is weak.

matters needing attention

Therefore, Yang deficiency is a kind of symptom that can happen to anyone. Therefore, if this situation occurs, we suggest that you go to see traditional Chinese medicine and rely on traditional Chinese medicine to take care of your body. In addition, everyone should pay more attention to it in their daily life.