How is varus caused?

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Varus deformity is a subluxation of the calcaneocuboid joint, which makes the foot fixed in a adduction, supination and varus posture. Congenital clubfoot is characterized by small heel on one or both sides, adduction and varus of the forefoot, increased dermatoglyphs on the medial side of the foot, tension and thinning on the lateral and dorsal sides of the foot, and the heel can not be flattened like a horseshoe. How is varus caused? Let's talk about it

How is varus caused?

Varus can occur in one foot or two feet. During the development, the tendon and ligament (posterior and deep) of the foot fail; Failure to keep pace with the development of other tendons and ligaments in the foot results in these tendons and ligaments pulling down the posteromedial side of the foot

Before birth, due to the limited space in the womb, most of the movements of the fetus are head to chest, hands tightly clasped in front of the chest, legs tired, palm clenched posture. After birth, the head, neck, trunk and limbs will gradually extend;

In addition, fetal position has an important influence on the position of the first few days after birth, such as the extension of the knee in breech position, mild genu varus (i.e. O-leg) and foot valgus or correctable foot varus deformation in head position.

matters needing attention

Pregnant mothers if three-dimensional examination of the fetus has foot varus, don't worry, let alone come up to consider whether to keep the fetus. What we need to do is to have a further examination. Under the guidance of the doctor, we should consider whether to do an amniocentesis or noninvasive DNA test.