What symptom is love drool

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Drooling during sleep seems to be a frequent occurrence of children. Many adults should also find that they will drool when they sleep. The elderly, especially those who should pay attention to it, should not think that such drooling during sleep is indifferent, or it may be a symbol of serious illness. What's the symptom of drooling? Let me talk about it.

What symptom is love drool

First: the elderly stroke suddenly appear after sleep drooling, at the same time also accompanied by dizziness, headache, mouth tilt, side of the body activity adverse symptoms, which may indicate that they have suffered from stroke.

Second: arteriosclerosis: when people are old, the arteries will harden, which is likely to lead to cerebral and muscle ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in facial muscle relaxation. At the same time, the swallowing function of the elderly is weakened, leading to the phenomenon of drooling during sleep.

Third: facial neuritis, traditional Chinese medicine reminds that if the face is cold, blowing or cold, it may also appear to sleep drooling, at the same time, the eyes are not closed tightly, mouth skew.

matters needing attention

In daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep optimistic mood, pay attention not to fatigue, pay attention to the recovery of the body, in addition, if there are any symptoms should go to the hospital for examination, and corresponding treatment, these are to actively do.