How about the effect of injection rhytidectomy

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I'm only 45 years old, but my face is full of wrinkles. The children in the yard sometimes call me grandma. I'm very sad. I went to have a few cosmetic treatments, but they didn't have any effect. After several little sisters introduced me that facial rhytidectomy was good, and I was dubious and had a rhytidectomy. So, how about the effect of injection rhytidectomy? You know what? Today, let me share with you how the effect of injection wrinkles.

How about the effect of injection rhytidectomy

First: under the normal condition of healthy skin, the frequency of using mask should not exceed three times a week.

Second: each mask is 15 minutes, sensitive skin should be less than 10 minutes; unless it is a special Babu mask made of bionic technology, it can be used for 6~8 hours continuously.

Third: face paste, paste is suitable for all kinds of skin, mud film, soft film powder, tear type mask is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Mask with plenty of salt and strong facial mask are not suitable for skin inflammation and redness.

matters needing attention

Men stay away from wrinkles. The wrinkles on our forehead are caused by our facial expressions. With the increasing social pressure, the burden on men is more and more heavy. As this happens, more and more men will habitually frown. As time goes on, the lines of raising head become deeper and more obvious. The wrinkles on men's foreheads are called wrinkles. In the rich facial expression, because of the pressure and other problems, men will often raise their eyebrows, because it often happens, so the muscle elasticity of men's forehead will be reduced and damaged, the elasticity of subcutaneous fibrous tissue will gradually reduce, and the forehead skin will leave traces because of the habit, which will become stubborn wrinkles after more times.