What does cerebral palsy treatment method have

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After the treatment of cerebral palsy, in fact, usually do not pay attention to the details, it is easy to relapse, we understand that it has a great help for us to prevent the disease, so the Internet query the relevant information, treatment methods, the following is to introduce the treatment methods of cerebral palsy.

What does cerebral palsy treatment method have

First, the earlier the treatment of cerebral palsy, the better. Hyperbaric oxygen, neurotrophic drugs and rehabilitation training are effective in the treatment of cerebral palsy under the age of 2 years; exercise rehabilitation, psychological and educational rehabilitation should be adhered to for the treatment of cerebral palsy over the age of 2 years. Rehabilitation treatment is an effective method throughout the whole process of children with cerebral palsy.

Second, suffering from cerebral palsy mainly depends on exercise to recover, drug treatment is really no specific drugs, mainly by special exercise. This process may be very hard, and the curative effect is relatively slow, but cerebral palsy is by no means an incurable disease, we must have confidence. I hope you get better soon.

Third, if we have cerebral palsy, we should enhance our confidence in the treatment and actively treat what cerebral palsy can improve. Daily life activities are the most fundamental activities for people to maintain life, such as eating, changing clothes, washing, going to the toilet and so on. The paralyzed limbs should be kept in functional position, and passive or active movement should be carried out to promote muscle and joint activities and improve muscle tension. It can also cooperate with massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy. Severe limb deformities can be considered after 5 years old.

matters needing attention

If the child has symptoms of cerebral palsy, then we should pay special attention in daily life, to give the child often eat rice, pasta, steamed bread, porridge and other food, but do not eat too much Cereals, at the same time do not let the child eat too salty, like monosodium glutamate and saccharin and other food try not to eat cerebral palsy children, this will aggravate the child's condition.