Clinical symptoms of patients with cerebral hemorrhage?

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We all know that cerebral hemorrhage is a serious symptom, which is generally related to high blood pressure. Smoking, drinking, excessive salt or excessive physical and mental work will lead to the increase of blood pressure. The rapid increase of blood pressure is easy to lead to the rupture of cerebellar dentate nucleus artery, causing cerebellar hemorrhage. It is an important factor leading to death. We need to pay attention to timely treatment, Clinical symptoms of patients with cerebral hemorrhage? Now let me tell you something.

Clinical symptoms of patients with cerebral hemorrhage?

Cerebral hemorrhage patients will appear many symptoms, the onset of this disease is very sudden, patients in the onset of vertigo, frequent vomiting and occipital severe headache and other symptoms, most patients will appear balance disorders, need our attention.

In addition, patients will appear side of the upper and lower limb ataxia symptoms, leading to limb clumsiness, instability, some will have nystagmus phenomenon. If patients with massive bleeding will lead to a short period of time into a coma, some will appear limb paralysis and pathological reflex.

If not treated in time, it will lead to the patient's occipital foramen hernia within 48 hours, leading to death. In addition, many patients will have the symptoms of mydriasis and central dyspnea in the late stage, and for the explosive type, they will be coma immediately.

matters needing attention

To sum up, there are many symptoms of cerebellar hemorrhage, and the general situation is critical, which poses a great threat to the lives of patients. We need to pay full attention to them. If there are similar symptoms, we should treat them in time, and do a good job in prevention and so on.