How did testicle grow a small pimple to return a responsibility inside

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The male reproductive system is very important, and it is also easy to have some problems. Therefore, we men should pay attention to the proper maintenance of our genitals. After all, the genitals are always in a very hidden and humid position, which will cause us to be infected with some sexual organ diseases to a great extent. For example, some of our testicles often have small pimples. How do these pimples come into being? Now let me introduce it to you

How did testicle grow a small pimple to return a responsibility inside

First of all, if diagnosed with folliculitis, this is relatively mild, do not worry too much, usually must maintain pudendal health, the main external ointment can be treated, must be under the guidance of the doctor to use drugs, unauthorized medication may also cause improper medication, aggravating the disease.

Secondly, if the patient is diagnosed with scrotal eczema, steroids and other drugs can be used. These drugs are for eczema. Patients should never use their hands to grasp or touch, so as not to aggravate the local stimulation, affect the treatment effect, or cause local infection.

Finally, patients usually should not wear too tight underwear, usually should avoid local stimulation, to clean patients, daily life must also clean seams, usually must keep the affected area clean and dry, if it is inflammation, but also regularly go to the hospital for examination.

matters needing attention

Testicular has a small pimple may be the disease of orchitis, it is best to the formal andrology hospital for detailed examination, with the corresponding treatment, orchitis is one of the common diseases of men, orchitis to patients brought more harm.