What does superficial gastritis eat at night

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If superficial gastritis is not treated in time, it will develop into atrophic gastritis, and even worsen into gastric cancer. We must pay attention to such a terrible disease, especially the standard diet care. Let's share what we eat in the evening for superficial gastritis.

What does superficial gastritis eat at night

First, avoid acidic food: fruits with high acidity, such as pineapple, diced willow, orange, etc., should be taken after meals, which will not cause too much irritation to patients with ulcers. Therefore, it is not necessary to ban them.

Second: abstain from gas producing food: some food is easy to produce gas, which makes the patient feel full and swollen, so we should avoid eating; however, whether the food will produce gas and cause discomfort varies from person to person, and we can decide whether to eat according to personal experience.

Third: eat regularly and quantitatively, eat slowly, and relax. After a meal, take a rest before you start to work. A small amount of multiple meals can avoid gastric distension or excessive gastric acid, which may stay in the esophagus and stimulate the esophageal mucosa.

matters needing attention

Gastritis diet should be light in principle, small stimulation to gastric mucosa, but not light diet can alleviate the symptoms of patients. It should be based on the principle of regular diet, not too hungry and full, eating less and eating more. Especially for those who are old and weak and have gastrointestinal dysfunction, it is better to have 4-5 meals a day and 60-70% full every time. Pay attention to the proportion of sugar, fat and protein in food, and pay attention to the content of vitamins and other essential nutrients.