How to treat early breast cancer

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Many people are resistant to chemotherapy after suffering from breast cancer. My mother is a breast cancer patient who has been surgically removed. Now she has finished chemotherapy. Many people have doubts about whether breast cancer is treated with chemotherapy. How to treat breast cancer in early stage is the most scientific way! Now let's share our own experience with you.

How to treat early breast cancer

First, breast cancer chemotherapy is still the mainstream method. Breast cancer is now internationally recognized as a systemic disease. Unless it is cancer in situ, chemotherapy is required. Especially when you do breast conserving surgery, not only chemotherapy but also radiotherapy is required, and triple negative chemotherapy should be given as soon as possible.

Second, if breast cancer is found, surgical resection is better, but it is not absolute, because cancer cells may dissociate in a certain part of the body, and surgery is not 100% cure. Therefore, the problems that should be addressed after surgery are the damage caused by surgery to the human immune system, the prevention of recurrence, and the suppression of hidden cancer cells. Chemotherapy is not applicable at this time, because Chemotherapy plays a direct role in the formation of cancer cells, and it is not suitable for patients whose immune system has been damaged because of its toxicity.

Third, if breast cancer has been diagnosed, whether it is early or mid-term, follow-up chemoradiotherapy is also needed. Generally, it is difficult to detect cancer cells in the blood. The human body's immunity is quite strong, and it can be wiped out as long as it can be found. However, before death, the human body's immunity is weak, except for the overall spread of cancer cells, it can be detected.

matters needing attention

During chemotherapy, general cancer patients have poor appetite and poor physical quality. At this time, we should pay more attention to diet and reasonable nutrition, so as to improve the body's tolerance to chemotherapy, ensure the successful completion of chemotherapy and promote rehabilitation. For chemotherapy patients, seasoning can be added to food, such as increasing sweetness and freshness to stimulate appetite. Eat breakfast earlier in the day and dinner later in the day, which can reduce nausea and vomiting.