How does female oviduct block treat

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A few days ago, my mother told me that my sister-in-law found out the cause of non pregnancy. She said it was caused by fallopian tube blockage, and then treated immediately. Now the situation is slightly better. Let's talk about how to treat women's fallopian tube blockage.

How does female oviduct block treat

First of all: there are many treatment methods for tubal obstruction, including drug therapy (mainly traditional Chinese Medicine) and physical therapy (such as microwave, permanent magnet vibration).

Secondly, in the choice of treatment methods, we should follow the principle of clinical treatment, first easy, then difficult, first non-invasive, then invasive, first drug and physical therapy, and finally consider surgery or test tube baby.

Finally: bed doctors should fulfill the obligation of informing patients and respect patients' right to know and choice. It is not easy to mobilize patients to do guide wire intervention, laparoscopic surgery or test tube baby.

matters needing attention

Usually, after the recovery of consciousness after laparoscopic surgery, patients should be able to resume eating. At the beginning, they should drink some warm boiled water. Without any maladjustment, they can start to eat liquid food (such as porridge). The next day, they can resume their normal diet. Because the wound healing needs to use protein, they should eat high protein food (such as fish, lean meat, eggs, etc.) to accelerate the wound healing The healing, and avoid stimulating food, so as not to stimulate gastric acid secretion caused by gastrointestinal discomfort.