What is love phobia

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A friend of mine was lovelorn a few years ago, and now he has no girlfriend. He wants to have a partner, but he is afraid. Later, he got the phobia of love. What is the phobia of love?

What is love phobia

First of all, love phobia is mainly about having been in love or seeing the situation of love, having a feeling of fear of love, especially distrusting love. If you want to get rid of this habit, you are worried about falling into that state, the establishment of the relationship, and the feeling that once the relationship is established, it will never return. Fear of no eternity, in fact, may be a lack of self-confidence.

Secondly, the reasons for love phobia are mainly related to life experience, for example, they have been hurt in the previous love history, or their relatives and friends have been hurt by love, or even because watching some love movies and TV dramas distorts their views on love, which leads to psychological shadow and fear of love. But love is one of human emotions, a normal person should be able to have normal love, love is also a human emotional needs, rejection of love is not conducive to a person's mental health growth.

Finally, the initial reaction after the onset of love phobia will gradually change life habits, and pay special attention to emotional tests. All kinds of broken love stories think that they are in their own place. Love in the more intensified, fragile and sensitive, plus a financial and detective interest, everything inventory feelings, he (she) is full of strong curiosity. For the defeated, they are tired, depressed, panting, palpitating, toothache, headache and somniloquy. From then on, they are either strange and nostalgic, or they are as silent as a poet. They are either mentally ill or paralyzed. If you have these symptoms, it's unfortunate that you're probably already infected.

matters needing attention

Love phobia is mainly a psychological disease, especially after being hurt by love, it will be more obvious. In peacetime, we should regulate our mood, especially believe that the power of love is great.